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A Wintery Present


The holiday season is here again. I remembered from last year that your people exchange gifts at this time1. Therefore, Bouquin and I2 have prepared a special gift for all of you.

For the month of January, we will update on Tuesday and Thursday!

I think you are supposed to give the gifts on a certain day (is that today?), but I couldn’t remember the customs so I suppose that means you can’t “open” your gift until January.3 Don’t worry, it will come quickly.

Oh, I had almost forgot. Bouquin told me pictures are stronger than words, so I drew this too4.


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Bouquin’s notes: 1) The crucial word here is exchange. Someone’s side of the equation is missing… 2) It was I who conjured the idea; do not take credit for that which is not yours. 3) Still lacking in memory, I see. 4) This is absolutely unacceptable!

A new store


I’m happy to say that we now have a store.

There isn’t much inventory yet, but you can purchase the first volume if you so desire.1

Thank you for supporting us.


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Bouquin’s notes: 1) That is the only object that has been requested so far. Do not seem so nonchalant about it.

Winners for a contest for a contest!


Thank you for all your responses for the contest raffle. It was a little overwhelming (in a good way). I am relieved to see that people would be interested in future contests, or raffles, or whatever else. I have many different ideas that will eventually be used in the future!1

Anyway, I’ll present the winners – that’s right, plural! Bouquin and I2 were taken aback by how many people entered, so I decided to extend the contest to not just a grand prize but 5 minor prizes as well, which would be a sketch of your character.

Grand Prize: Chocolate
Minor winners: nico, HadesHKT, MinionKing, rufi, Henry

Congratulations! You’ll be contacted eventually (whenever I’m done being threatened by this book)3.


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Bouquin’s notes: 1) And I forbid you to use the one involving humans submitting different ways to destroy me. 2) I must correct such a statement, as I had already anticipated this turnout. You, on the other hand, fail to judge anything with a reasonable error offset. 3) I have done no such thing. I am merely using strongly worded suggestions to continue working.

A contest for a contest


Increasingly, I have been prodded by a certain corner of a book to send appreciation to our viewers. I’m not sure why just spending my time here, trapped in a dark room1, writing about a strange girl isn’t appreciation enough, but I am bidden to do something special.

What this indignant book doesn’t know is that “something special” takes more effort than just saying it (or, in this case, writing it)2. Therefore, I’ve decided to gauge if you, my readers, actually would express interest to a contest. A contest for a contest, as I say.3

It is simple. You can enter the contest here by answering a couple of questions.

Then, you are eligible for the prize: a small drawing of your character, like this example:

The deadline is August 20th.


  1. One entry per person.
  2. Chosen character must be a humanoid.
  3. Nothing pornographic.

As these results will determine if a future contest will ever be established, please answer in earnest.


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Bouquin’s notes: 1) Trapped? Do not amuse me further! I have no words. 2) Please, and what else do you do all day? Organizing something is surely just a terrible task upon your shoulders, isn’t it? 3) Ugh.

1 Year Anniversary!


Today is the anniversary of this biography. I can’t believe it’s been a year and I am still here, drawing this. I suppose being a slave to a book is the reason why1.

Thank you for reading this tale. I hope to keep seeing more and more people interested in Ephelia’s journey. There’s a lot more I have yet to draw2… Ephelia has had a long trip.

Here is the finished picture from the “stream” a few weeks ago! There is also a wallpaper version in the Extras section.


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Bouquin’s notes: 1) How does a book enslave you? Do elaborate. I have no arms. 2) Then cease being so painfully slow at everything!