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Happy Third Anniversary!!

Video Preview

Yay, it’s our third year anniversary!! As promised I’ve made a video that talks about the origins of the comic as an MMO and what the characters, story, and world was like before it stopped being an amalgamation of shit!! Watch it HERE!

Second in celebration we’re having a RAFFLE where the grand prize winner gets Issue #1 of the comic and two runner ups will get some swag. Wow!!

Click here to enter the raffle!!

Thank you for making these three years bearable! I’m one who gives up easily on everything so not having given up on this comic is nothing short of a miracle…?! All of you who both leave me sweet comments and give me constructive criticism make all of this worthwhile! I love seeing fans at conventions who come up and tell me that they love the comic! I love all of my friends who support me through good and bad times, even when my strength has wavered and when I’m standing at the edge of the abyss.

To all of my patrons, THANK YOU!
To everyone who likes my dumb posts on Twitter, THANK YOU!
To the people who somehow put up with me, THANK YOU!
To everyone who reads this comic, THANK YOU!!

The story is going to very fun places. I hope you’ll stick with us! Onward to year four!

RESULTS: Third Year Anniversary Poll

Hi there, as the poll ended I’d like to share results, and personally reply to a couple of suggestions.

First I want to say thank you for taking the time to do the poll even if it was quite brief. All of your input and opinions I really appreciate!

Second thanks for making the most boring pie graph ever.

Pie Graph Results

As you can see the video about how the comic came to be and past characters information has won the popular vote. This will be aired on August 1st, as that is the day I started this comic, but Patrons will be able to have a sneak peek and see it 2 weeks in advance.

Anyway, a lot of people left encouraging comments (thank you! I didn’t even know I had this many readers), but I wanted to address some specific things that people had left. Without further ado:

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Third Anniversary Poll

Third Anniversary Poll Header
Hey guys.

In August we’ll be coming upon the third anniversary of Wingless. It doesn’t seem that long considering the lifespan of a lot of other web comic giants that have existed for 10+ years, but I view it as a huge achievement for at least myself because I have always been very shortsighted and never been able to commit myself to something this long without burning out.

I would like to celebrate by creating special content that YOU, the reader, would like to view. Therefore, I’ve created a short poll for you to gauge your interest on a couple of options for the anniversary. Or you can just leave a suggestion.

I know it seems a bit early to be posting this, but my plan is to leave this open until the end of June. Then, I can plan/work on the final result in July, so it can be presented in August.

Thank you for being a fan. I appreciate it.

Click HERE to take the poll.


Hello!! I have started a PATREON!

If you follow a lot of people around on the internet you’ve probably seen people begging for money already on Patreon. If you haven’t heard of it or don’t know how it works, allow me to explain.

Patreon is a subscription service that helps creators earn money for their work because no one sees art as having any value in the real world! Usually people set up a tiered reward system, so you can pay $1 for some rewards and $5 for even more rewards. However you don’t have to choose these tiers exactly and can input any amount of money you want to support the artist with and it would be very cool if you gave us like $5000.

What do you get from supporting us on Patreon? A lot of cool stuff actually, for just $1!

  • You can access the Patreon Dashboard which is a collection of all your rewards! You never have to visit the Patreon site for any rewards.
  • You get stars and a title next to your name when you comment, based on how much and how long you have pledged!
  • You can get compounding rewards for just being a continuous patron.
  • You will get extra entries on any raffles or contests.
  • You will be able to see Patron-only posts that include sneak peaks of cool stuff!

You can check out the higher tiered rewards for more cool stuff! If you have any suggestions for rewards feel free to let me know! Your input is important to me!

Please check out our Patreon here and consider becoming our supporter! Thank you!!

(If you’d rather just support us by buying something or getting a commission, check out the shop HERE!)