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We will return!

Hellloooo! So I want to give an update on things!

First I decided that I’ll start working on Wingless again after my summer conventions, so that means after July. There’s no ETA for the EXACT date but it means I will start drawing for the comic again around that time (if the below bullet point is finished).

Second, because I am planning on growing my comics repertoire with two(!!) new comics eventually, I have begun to migrate this site to a network of comics to better manage in the future. It has been a serious thorn in my side but after everything is said and done things will be smoother for me to manage more comics. You will have to update your RSS after the fact, because the host will no longer be but (still under construction); however, the domain name “” will still point to the new host.

Third, as I pick up on drawing the comic, you will probably notice the jarring art change from where I left off to the new comic. I hope you won’t mind, as I’ve changed styles since then.

Fourth, I want to thank everyone for being very patient with me.

I hope to see you soon.

An Update on Hiatus and Etc.

Hi! I just want to give everyone an update on my situation.

After spending most of the year without insurance I was finally able to get it and have booked a lot of doctor-related things for my health, haha =w= But I did see an occupational therapist for my hand this week. I can’t say anything’s really changed yet since it’s only the first meeting but I’m hoping for things to get better in coming appointments.

I do not have an ETA for when things start up again but I want to at least give current news since everyone has been very patient and generous. Currently it is extremely random when I have pain, some days I will be able to draw for at least 1-2 hours before needing to stop and other days is just ‘ah fuck I can’t believe you’ve done this.’ I’m… not sure if I’ll ever be able to go back to drawing all day erryday like before since I’ve strained my wrist so much but… it’s better than not drawing at all.

Btw, if you want to see random stuffs I’m doodling in my spare time while I wait and get some other updates you can follow me on my twidder or facebook pages!

Last thing to note is that I’ll be tabling at Con+Alt+Delete at December 14-16, and AnimeZap! at Jan 4-6.

Thank you for waiting!!

The Hiatus.

Dear everyone, I’m sorry I have to write this post.

The truth is my wrist has grown increasingly worse and I can no longer handle being in constant pain daily. It’s gotten to the point where I wake up with a crook in my wrists and I’m unable to perform basic tasks without flaring up in pain.

I had originally said the first hiatus would last a month because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, even if it wasn’t really healed by the time that hiatus was over, but things are getting worse and I’m kinda scared for the future where I wouldn’t be able to draw at all.

That being said, I have to say the dreaded words: indefinite hiatus.

At this time, I’m looking into various solutions to try to help me, including moving my deskspace, supplements, ergonomics and whatnot.
Due to my financial situation I can’t see a doctor ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭ so wish me luck.
I’m really sorry to have disappointed all of you and I hope you understand.

I want to continue as soon as I can.

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