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Hi! Okay, so a couple things. First, I released my new humour webcomic, Boys Outta Luck! you can read it on its own site or on webtoons.

This has been beneficial to me as I haven’t drawn comics in over a year so I kinda forgot, doing 4komas like this is helping me get back into the groove instead of saying I’ll start wingless again and be like “wtf is a comic? wat?”

Second, I finished migrating to the new site so this domain will point to the new site on August 1st, so please update your RSS!

Finally as a reminder, my last cons of the summer will be in July, afterwards I will have time to start Wingless again! Scheduling might be spotty cause two comics at once might take a toll on my health lol who nose??? but please expect to something probably around September as I readjust to drawing longform comics and getting over after-con funk.

Okay, thank you again for being patient! I am so grateful.

direction-domineering gonn

A lonely dove

  • jackmarten posted at June 18, 2019 7:06 pm:

    so wingless will resume again at last! the waiting was really long but i hope it was worth it for your health and overall well being. thanks for the update!

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