Love is in the Air: Contest Winners!

Thank you everyone for entering the contest! I’m pleased to announce the winners!

Grand Prize Winners

Super fly480 who chose Thadd (the bandit)
Daniel who chose Bouquin:
Tasha Trock who chose Eldritch Horror-chan:

Congratulations, you win Vol. 1, a print, bookmark, and a sticker!


Josh who chose Bouquin:
Degiraffe who chose Entity Which Revived Ephelia:
Masich who chose Ephelia:

Congratulations, you win a print, bookmark, and a sticker!

Honourable Mentions

Paw who chose Bouquin:
Jack Marten who chose Ephelia:
MinionKing who chose Eldritch Horror-chan:

The winners will be contacted via email later. Thank you for participating and I hope you had fun!

direction-domineering gonn

6 doves

  • Invisible posted at February 19, 2016 8:37 am:

    thanks for having me in honorable mentions, I never had a valentine even for once so choosing Ephilia was a dare for me to try.
    now that I got how you judge the authors I believe i’m more ready for the next contest!

  • I’m glad I wasn’t immediately lynched for writing about the Holocaust, good to see there people as twisted as me in charge of this comic!

  • Who is Eldritch Horror-Chan?

    I can’t find any pictures.

  • Paw posted at March 2, 2016 4:19 pm:

    I am so psyched to be in the honorable mentions! Glad you guys thought it was sweet, I just really love books and people with interesting senses of humor with a good dose of sarcasm :)

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