Winners for a contest for a contest!


Thank you for all your responses for the contest raffle. It was a little overwhelming (in a good way). I am relieved to see that people would be interested in future contests, or raffles, or whatever else. I have many different ideas that will eventually be used in the future!1

Anyway, I’ll present the winners – that’s right, plural! Bouquin and I2 were taken aback by how many people entered, so I decided to extend the contest to not just a grand prize but 5 minor prizes as well, which would be a sketch of your character.

Grand Prize: Chocolate
Minor winners: nico, HadesHKT, MinionKing, rufi, Henry

Congratulations! You’ll be contacted eventually (whenever I’m done being threatened by this book)3.


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Bouquin’s notes: 1) And I forbid you to use the one involving humans submitting different ways to destroy me. 2) I must correct such a statement, as I had already anticipated this turnout. You, on the other hand, fail to judge anything with a reasonable error offset. 3) I have done no such thing. I am merely using strongly worded suggestions to continue working.

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A lonely dove

  • MinionKing posted at August 20, 2015 10:49 pm:

    YAYAAAA!!! I got a minor prize! I can’t believe it! This is awesome!!! Even if it’s a little sketch, I will treasure this sketch till the end of days. Cause I really like yur webcomic! (^__^)

    I await yur email. Oh Wingless one! XD

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