Wingless is a dark fantasy story of a girl named Ephelia who wants to become a knight for the honour of her family. After making an impromptu deal with an unknown entity, she finds her world increasingly distorted. Will she allow this dubious deal to destroy her dream of knighthood, or use it to her advantage? Updates weekly on Thursdays at 8:00am CST.

The comic was originally the story for a private Ragnarok Online server I was working on a long time ago. I stopped working on it and focused more on the storyline, and after realizing my server shall never come to fruition, I flirted with different mediums to see what would be the best way to tell its story. I decided that web comics were probably the most reliable, and here we are. We started the comic on August 1st, 2014 and things are still rolling!

Special thanks to: Tenko, Son, Michelle, Mariah, Hobbes, Macey, Getsu

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The Brass

S.A. Pharazon Oshgoggles

Creator/Artist, NEET extraordinaire, gay fish. I’m the admin and I man pretty much everything you see here! I like a lot of things such as potatoes, marine creatures, bathing in the blood of the innocent and collecting stuffed animals. I spend most of my time being busy doing 342 different things and thinking about 4003543 different things. I love all things medieval and I absolutely love generic fantasy as much as I love generic K-Pop!

If you need to contact me you can do so ! Thanks!

Absorber of knowledge, soundboard of ideas, supporter of S.A. and Oshgoggles when and where able, keeper of the schedules, master of references, banisher of darkness, and maker of friends. I’m basically the HR and I guess manager, though I still have a lot more to learn.

If you ever wish to talk or contact me you can do so ! Honestly, I’m always open to meeting, talking, and learning with new people.

Writer, violence-enthusiast, lover of angry birds. Is the mastermind of taking things that S.A. says and making them suck less. Also steals everyone’s Original Characters™.


  • “How can Ephelia read Bouquin if it’s closed?”

If I drew every single panel with Bouquin open when it’s having dialogue you would never see its facial expression. Just assume she read it already when it was opened.

  • “I want to translate the comic into my language.”

No problem! Just send me an and I can send you the .PSDs with text and wordbubbles. Just ensure that the license that the translation is under is the same as mine (BY-NC-SA).